You can understand the strength of English as an academic ability after graduation.

School achievements
◆ Practical English Skills Test Results ※ As of July 2012

・ Level 2… 12 people ・ Semi-level 2… 25 people ・ Level 3… 27 people ・ Level 4.5 ・ 25 people

  • Busy Bee School is an accredited school for the “Practical English Proficiency Test”, “Japanese Kanji Proficiency Test” and “Mathematical Test”.
  • Approach

    ①Famous international schools in Japan and overseas (including overseas school)
    ② Domestic famous private junior high school

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    After school Program (1st〜6th Grade) Monday to Friday 15:40 to 18:00

    Guidance policy:

    ・ The goal is to acquire self-study habits. We will spend time in English and Japanese separately, aiming to establish and improve academic ability.

    ・ The teacher motivate students to study independently, gives tasks and instructions according to individual’s level, and answers questions. However, if there is homework, homework will be given priority.

    ・ If a student does not concentrate and study in the classroom and disturbs other students, the student may take measures such as taking the student out of the classroom.

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