Greeting from the Principal

I founded Busy Bee School since Bilingual Education was the global demand.

In the current borderless economy, Economic power would be reflected by the differences of English skills as it is. Japan can be one of the few countries that give a lecture up to university education in native language.   However in recent years, there is no doubt that English is mainstream in businesses and international politics in an increasingly globalized world. 

Therefore, learning or mastering English in childhood is very important to be effective on the international stages because learning and thinking in both English and Japanese will not only exploit ability of one’s potential but it  will also enrich one’s vocabulary.   

English education can also improve one’s sense of value and congestive skills. Moreover, English education  provide us great opportunities to face your native language and look back more about your own culture. As a result, you will become real international talent by acknowledging so many different cultures in the world. 

Our educational philosophy “To develop love and wisdom and foster successful talent around the world in the future” is to foster talents who will be able to comprehend different values and cultures in the world.

Purpose and mission of Busy Bee School is to produce useful and real talent in the international society and culture.

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